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1 month ago @ 4:14PM


Congratulations to the following Student-Athletes of the Month:

Baseball: Sky Wells has exceeded the Coaches expectations this year.  As a pitcher this year he is 4-0 with a 0.53 era allowing only 12 hits in 26 innings pitched. Last season he broke his left throwing elbow and has worked very hard to get himself to the level of pitcher he is today.  Sky enjoys snowboarding, nature photography and has played the violin for 12 years.  With continued growth Sky has a great future in baseball. Kate & Burt Wells @ 530-642-8417

Boy’s Golf: Cody Pugh has been an all-league golfer for 3 years.  He is a co-captain for this season.  He has been part of the most wins in his varsity career than any golfer in recent history.  He works hard at improving his game and is one of the nicest people that I have had the opportunity to coach. Parents Tony & Rhonda Pugh @ 530-622-3758

Boys Golf: Anthony Smylie is also a 3 year all league golfer.  He is the hardest worker on the team and is a co-captain of this year's team.  Along with Cody, he has been part of the most wins in his varsity career than any golfer in recent history.  Anthony will be attending the University of San Diego next year and has earned an academic scholarship.  Both of these golfers will be leaving as two of the best golfers in program history.  They will leave huge shoes to fill for next year. Lori @ 408-621-2582

Boy’s Volleyball: Ryan Rus has been a solid rock for our team this entire year. He plays the position of setter, and he has done an amazing job of it. We have a solid front row with several big hitters that have scored us a lot of points; however, without Ryan none of that would be possible. Our hitter’s kill percentage for the season is almost 40%, which is an outstanding percentage of kills to total hits. This means that 40% of our attacks are winning us a point. Ryan’s part in that is compared to a quarter back. The quarter back has got to get the ball into the receiver’s hands for the receiver to look good. Ryan has put the ball right where the hitters have needed it. His season totals so far are 674 Assists to those kills with 1634 total attempts. Ryan is also our team Captain and he leads with a quiet demeanor, and he portrays outstanding character. It has been my pleaser to coach him for the last 4 years, and he will be missed as he moves on to college. Parents Daniel/Krista Rus at (530) 306-6584

Co-Ed Swim (male): Jonah Harm has had an incredible season this year going 10-10 in individual races this year along with setting a new school record in the 100 backstroke breaking the previous record by 2 seconds.  Jonah is always willing to swim whatever is necessary for the teams success and this year has won 7 different individual events.  Despite this great success in the pool he always makes sure to congratulate his opponents after each race and demonstrates an attitude worthy of a champion.  Jonah is a huge reason the boys team has been successful this year despite only having 12 boys competing in competitions.  As a team captain he has provided great leadership and support for all of his teammates.  With the fact that the swim team is now has a majority of freshman and sophomores this leadership is critical for the teams success. Jason & Shari @ 530-401-1653

Co-Ed Swim (female): Haley Kline has had a great freshman season with victories in 8-10 individual races and being a critical component on multiple section relays.  Haley is happy to swim whatever is required to be successful and has won 5 different individual events showing her versatility as a swimmer.  Haley is a hard worker with an excellent attitude that is always willing to help her fellow teammates either by working with them individually on flip turns or other technique or merely encouraging them through swim sets.  She has gotten faster as the season has gone on with over 80% best time rate on every race she has swum so far this year.  She is always shaking hands after races and showcasing the very best that EDHS has to offer. As only a freshman the sky is the limit for what Haley can achieve over her 4 years in high school and she has gotten off to a great start both in terms of her swimming and her team first attitude. Jarrod & Jennifer @ 530-409-6311

Co-Ed Tennis: Kyli Segura is a very worthy Athlete of the Month. At the number two girl’s singles tennis spot, Kyli has been holding it down this season. Kylie is currently undefeated in league play and has stated, “I am not willing to lose. I am going to continue to work hard to remain undefeated this year!” She is a top-notch athlete who dedicates herself, whole-heartedly, to her team and the game she loves. Not only is Kyli an incredible athlete, she is an amazing student as well. Currently, Kyli is earning all “A’s” in her classes this year and is maintaining a 3.7 GPA. Manuel & Ann Segura at (530)642-1448

Softball: Veronica Cortes started showing exemplary play on the ball field when she was 10 years old.  Since ten years old, she had made all-stars every year until she came to the Eldorado High school.  She has continued to push herself not only with development of skills but in her relationships with her fellow softball peers.  Veronica is a coach’s dream, she will adjust her play when asked and will play anywhere without excuses or complaint.  When Veronica plays she leaves it all on the ball field, because of this she is looked to for support and guidance.  Some of her personal characteristics are show by the choices that she makes at school and in her personal life.  She is part of Eldorado High School Health Academy which in turn keeps her connected to her school, she defends her friends and teammates and stand up for what is right, she is conscious about her work ethic on and off the field, and lastly….. Veronica is choosing to join the Air Force this fall and I have great confidence the she will defend her country to the best of her ability. Rual & Veronica 530-957-2946

Track & Field Female: Madison Hutchings is by far THE Most Dominant Distance Runner in the SVC! She is a disciplined, dedicated athlete and compassionate teammate. Maddie not only dominates on the Track but she also dominates in the classroom with a "4.0" GPA. Maddie's times of 5:14 in the mile and 2:24 in the 1/2 mile are highly ranked in the SJS Section. Mathew & Carie 530-295-0451

Track and Field Male: Tim Blumenthal continues to be the Team Leader of the Distance Runners on the Track Team. He continues to improve and is currently ranked #2 in the SVC in the Mile. He is a model student athlete who leads by example. Tim will be attending Menlo College in the Fall and will compete in Cross Country and Track. He maintains a 3.66 GPA. Robert & Doris @ 530-295-7992

They will be recognized tomorrow night at the BOOSTER CLUB MEETING IN THE FHG at 5:30 pm!

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