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Caroline Stull

4 weeks ago

Ski Athlete of The Month For January 2019

Caroline is in her 3rd year on the ski and board team she is also a junior at our school. She is an extremely coachable athlete and also takes time to coach other athletes. She also maintains a 3.0 grade point average. Caroline Stull has been our #1 skier on Varsity for three years. She was #1 in Division last year and 8th overall in the State of California. She continues her winning streak by winning the 1st two Giant Slalom races this year. Her race times incidentally, places her at #2 overall in both men's and women's class. This is no small feat, to have a female skier in #2 position across both genders.

Kendall Henderson

4 weeks ago

Board Athlete of The Month For January 2019

Kendall is a Freshman and newcomer to El Dorado County. As such, Kendall is in her first year of snowboarding with the team. She also maintains a 3.75 grade point average.  Last week she placed 16th, which was her first time racing. We attribute this to being a hard worker and focused and striving to improve.

Diana Jimenez

4 weeks ago

Girls Soccer Athlete of The Month For January 2019

Diana Jimenez, Freshman, Diana Jimenez has been an outstanding addition to the Varsity Girls Soccer team this year. She has a positive and determined attitude in her pursuit to develop as a player and supports and respects her peers and coaching staff. Every day, she comes to the pitch (soccer field) with a smile and an engaging disposition. Even through the completive nature of the game, Diana maintains integrity at all times and is truly inspirational to coach. Diana has recorded 4 goals and 5 assists this season so far and has the most goal kick possessions on the team, which requires a player to sacrifice their body to possess a hard ball from the air while having a player at their back. Diana is a big reason for the success of our team. In addition, Diana is a role model in the classroom. She currently has a 3.6 G.P.A. and not surprisingly her teachers remark that she is “a pleasure to have in class”.

Sawyer Radekin

4 weeks ago

Boys Soccer Athlete of The Month For January 2019

I must identify a very special player that has played at the highest level since his Freshman year. Sawyer Radekin is a Junior in his third year as a Varsity Soccer player and continues to demonstrate the work ethic and attitude necessary to accomplish this feat. Scoring nearly every game, Sawyer not only performs with ever ounce of his all on game day, he delivers an authentic passion to work hard in every practice. He has a genuine positive side that creates chemistry and strengthens our entire soccer environment, which clearly justifies his Captain status, leading the team as a Captain most every year he has played. Sawyer is a great example of Student - Athlete, striving to succeed in the classroom while managing his love of sports and competition. His current 3.59 GPA is often times a 4.0, which demonstrates a truly dedicated and determined individual with the natural desire to have a great experience and with the discipline to maintain the important focus necessary to be extremely dominant. Great job!!

Skyler Ashton

4 weeks ago

Boys Wrestling Athlete of The Month For January 2019

I would like to nominate Skyler Ashton for student-athlete of the month.  I have known Skyler since he came out for the wrestling team in 2nd grade at Sutters Mill elementary school and we coached him into middle school at Gold Trail.  He consistently works hard in practice and during matches and has shown the desire and work ethic required to be successful in this sport.  So far this year he has placed in every tournament except for one.  Whether he wrestles at 160, 170 or 182 pound weight groups he is very competitive at each weight group and is very determined to be difficult to beat.  At this point in the season he is leading the team with wins and currently has a cumulative 3.4 GPA.  Way to go Skyler....your coaches and teamates love your hard work and determination!

Trista Morkowski

4 weeks ago

Girls Wrestling Athlete of The Month For January 2019

I would like to recognize Trista Morkowski for her wrestling. She has lead by example showing hard work, dedication, and toughness. She has racked up a 13-4 record wrestling in northern Californians toughest tournaments. She is the first one to practice most days and gives every ounce of effort she has. She keeps up a 3.0 GPA with AP classes, band, and sports with an amazing attitude every day. She is and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to her and her team competing in the post season starting Feb. 8. Great job Trista!!!!! GPA 3.0.

Nathan Hill

4 weeks ago

Boys Basketball Athlete of The Month For January 2019

Nathan is exceptional both on and off the court.  He exemplifies the term STUDENT athlete.  Simply put, Nathan has a 4.3 GPA.   His haw like nose for the ball on the court helps Nathan grab an extraordinary number of rebounds.  (6’5” tall helps a little too). His energy on the court and in practice is non-stop.   He makes good things happen with pure effort on top of his talent. During the month of December, Nathan was voted All Tournament in the Colfax Winter Tournament.  Nathan was also selected Max Preps Player of the Game 4 times during the month of December.  He averages a team leading 7.4 rebounds per game to go along with 9 points per game. To sum it up, this kid is fantastic.  He has truly earned and deserves to be recognized as student athlete of the month.

Daily Applegarth

4 weeks ago

Girls Basketball Athlete of The Month For January 2019

I would like to recognize Daily Applegarth for her outstanding performance on the Basketball Court. She exemplifies our motto… “Every Play, Every Possession, Every Second.”  It is demonstrated in practice and how she competes in Games.  She is our floor general, offensively and defensively.  She has tall tasks and responds every time.  She draws the toughest defensive assignment, and is called on, for an entire game, to handle the ball and beat every pressure situation.  She was awarded All Tournament in our Corning Tournament in December.  She currently sits 3rd in Assists and Tied for 1st in Steals in the SVC.  And Get this, 13th overall in Rebounds as a point guard.   Her shear hustle and competitive nature makes our team go and is exciting to watch. Most importantly, Daily is an encourager and a great teammate.  She garners respect from each of her teammates because she works so hard. When she walks in the gym, she lets everything else go, and it’s all business.   She is simplistic, loving and compassionate.  She is understanding and forgiving, but she will also step on gas and get after it.   She practices as hard as she competes in games, which for a coach is so important.  She simply competes at another level. Daily is both a Star in the Classroom and in the gym and there is not much more to say.

Kim Quicksall

2 months ago

Girls Basketball Athlete of The Month For November 2018

Kim Quicksall in her first outing went for 20 points and 14 rebounds against Sac Adventist.  This effort is a direct result of Kim putting in the work in the Spring, in June and all of the Fall. She has not missed.  She has taken full advantage of the opportunity and looking forward to her Junior year. She is a unique athlete who is smart, and blessed athletically.  She has become more coachable over the last year and a half and, it is beginning to show. She has her teammates backs so to speak… and has exemplified our program motto, Every play, every possession, every second!" Her full potential and desires are still unknown, that is why I am very excited to see what she can accomplish over the course of this season.

Mark Quicksall

2 months ago

Boys Basketball Athlete of The Month For November 2018

Mark demonstrates tremendous work ethic, energy and leadership both in practice and on game day.  Mark's intensity on the floor scares opponents and motivates his teammates.  When the team is asked to do 1 conditioning sprint, Mark does 2.  He's just that kind of player.  In our win against Placer, the first time in memory that we have defeated Placer in Placer, Mark scored 13 point, 6 rebounds and took 2 Charges.  Charges are the slam dunk of defense in basketball.  Many players shy away from taking charges and don't take a charge the entire season. Taking 2 in one game is fantastic! Mark does not shy away from any challenge.  He doesn't just work on the court; Mark carries a 3.26 GPA in college prep courses.  Because of Mark's contagious efforts, his teammates voted him Captain for this year's Varsity squad!  Congratulations Mark.

Isaak Roemer

2 months ago

Ski & Board Athlete of The Month For November 2018

Congrats Isaak Roemer for being the example of what an exemplory Cougar Athlete means... Way to put in the hard work and effort!!

Christean Ruelas

2 months ago

Boys Soccer Athlete of The Month For November 2018

Congrats to Christean Ruelas for being the boys soccer athlete of the month for November 2018!! Way to embody what it means to be an outstanding Cougar athlete :)

Briana Marin

2 months ago

Cheer Athlete of The Month For November 2018

I, Coach Hancock, would like to present this award to a very special senior named Briana Marin. She has been part of the cheer program for the last 2 years and has helped shape the program in a monumental way. Bri has expressed to me that before joining the cheer program, she was a very shy student that lacked self-confidence. However, due to this program she has become a more out-going, self-assured, and confident student. Even more, she has become a positive ambassador and role model for her teammates and peers. Bri is a perfect example of how becoming involved in school activities can help shape your high school experience in a positive way. Bri has a beautiful and funny personality that helps people feel included and special. She makes everyone feel seen and heard, whether that be her teammates or friends. She is the true epitome of what it means to be a positive leader for our cheer program. I am thankful for all the times that she has self-scarified for the betterment of her teammates without any question or hesitation. This genuine, kind, and caring student is well deserved of this special recognition. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished thus far and I am truly honored to be her coach for her senior year.

Sharon McFarland

3 months ago

Girls Golf Athlete of The Month For August 2018

"Sharon McFarland as the Girl’s golf student-athlete of the month.  Sharon is a freshman golfer and has played in every match and tournament this season.  She has consistently placed in the top 6 in every match this season.  She had the 12th most points in the league this year, missing all league by 2 places.  Sharon qualified for the Division 5 playoff tournament and finished in the top half of a field of 85 golfers.  Sharon is an extremely talented golfer and is a top student in the classroom.  Currently, she owns a 3.6 GPA and is well respected by all of her teachers.  The golf program is looking forward to having her for three more years." -Dale Kasnic

Shelby Mahaffey

3 months ago

Girls Volleyball Athlete of The Month For October 2018

"Well hello El Dorado!!!! It is time to talk about volleyball your El Dorado Girls' Volleyball team. We had a rough year this year with season ending injuries and car accidents, but we are El Dorado Cougars!!! The players stepped up and learned new positions. With all highs and low of the season we still went to CIF Sec Play Offs. We lost in the 1st round against an Undefeated Pioneer team. We get to celebrate 3 All League players in Ashley Ford, Katlin Ryan and Shelby Mahaffey. We also have league MVP Shelby Mahaffey who is our setter and captain. Nice job ladies we are very proud of you all. I want to say thank you to all our fans!! THANK YOU EDHS FAMILY!!!! GO COUGARS!!!!!!" -Kalani Panangan

Water Polo Athlete of The Month For October 2018

"Alleah Schlag is finishing up her 3rd season as a Cougar water polo player and has worked extremely hard and shown tremendous growth throughout those 3 years, as a player but also as a student. As a player, Alleah is our 6th (wo)man of the year. She is able to play every position and never is intimidated by her opponents. She often takes on the role of encouraging and pumping up her teammates when they are scared or not confident when matched up with their opponents. It is quite a changed from the quiet freshman that struggled with swim sets and ball handling. As a student, she has shown just as much, if not more growth. Her freshman year, Alleah found herself on grade restrictions for a short time. Now 3 years later, her GPA is amongst the top for our girls varsity team. Everyone loves an underdog and Alleah has won her coaches and teammates over with her hard work.

Carson Pesce is our pick for the October student athlete of the month. Carson is a 4 year player and co-captain of the team this year. He is vital to our team not only in a leadership position but in the water as a player. Carson typically marathons entire games, working hard to get up and down the pool as one of our fastest swimmers. He also is an outstanding defensive player, knowing instinctively when to press the other team and when to drop to help his teammates. He has growth emotionally, showing a quiet confidence and hard work ethic for his teammates to emulate. As a student, we are quite proud of the hard work he has also put in to have one of the top GPAs for our boys varsity team." -Heather & Clint Robertson

Hailey Marshall

3 months ago

Cheer Athlete of The Month For October 2018

"I would like to present this award to a very special senior named Hailey Marshall. Hailey has been part of the El Dorado cheer program for the last two years and has helped it grow into a positive school program. She is truly a remarkable and exceptional student. Above all, Hailey was born a natural leader. With her confidence and positive self-assurance, she has guided her fellow teammates in pushing past their comfort zones and growing into strong role models for our school. Her quick wit and funny personality has also helped her team members overcome conflicts and obstacles that they have experienced over the years. Hailey was also chosen as the 2018 Homecoming Queen for ELDO High School and represented the cheer program and school in a positive way. She is well loved by her teammates and peers, as well as all those who have the pleasure of teaching her. She continues to advocate for a positive and spirited atmosphere here on campus and inspires others to do the same. Hailey is a true ambassador for what it means to be an EDHS cheerleader. She has grown as a cheerleader, a student, and a role model at El Dorado High School. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished thus far and cannot wait to see how she grows during her senior year." -Wendy Hancock

Cross Country Athletes of The Month For October 2018

"Emma is a multi-sport competitive machine who attacks her races, her workouts and her academics with equal tenacity. As demonstrated by her 4.0 GPA Emma has found success in the classroom and by her multiple Frosh-Soph. League victories and her Varsity Cross Country All League Performance she is already making herself known in Cougar Athletics as well. Emma possesses a friendly, easy going demeanor right up until the time the race starts, then she is All Business. Emma has moved up to be a part of one of the Best Varsity Girls Teams XC EDHS has seen in a long time and may be spending this Thanksgiving at the State Meet in Fresno. She watched her Brother James and her sister Arianna excel at EDHS and now it is Her Turn!

Coleman Tobin- Sierra Ridge Jr. HS - Coleman also possesses the attributes of a Champion carrying a 4.0 GPA and being a Top 5 Varsity XC Runner on our 2018 SVC Championship Team (Ninth in a row). Coleman won the ED County Meet last year so we were anticipating his arrival and his contribution to the best group of young runners we have had a El Dorado in many years. Coleman has not missed a practice and put in a good summer of training which helped prepare him for the transition to Up Tempo High School Cross Country. A super hard worker, an excellent teammate and the talent to go with it Coleman will be a Fixture in Cougar Cross Country and Track for the next four years. With his willingness to do what it takes to get the job done I am certain Coleman will continue to get better and better." -Peanut & Tena Harms

Kai Cordero

3 months ago

Football Athlete of The Month For October 2018

"Kai starts both ways and for most of the season was our kicker for the kick off team. Kai is one of the top running backs in the SVL and many times has led our team in tackles on defense. Kai has great football knowledge. So much that he is also our backup Quarterback. Kai has shown that he can be a “selfless player” as he has offered to play other positions so another may play. Kai is the strongest athlete on the team and is very reliable in the weight room. He also has over a 3.5 GPA. I am proud to announce that Kai Cordero is my choice for athlete of the month from the football program." - Bruce Pielstick

Nati Mier-Santos

5 months ago

Cheer Athlete of the Month For August 2018

I would like to present this award to a very special senior named Nati Mier-Santos. Nati is truly a remarkable and exceptional student as well as a wonderful individual. She has been part of the cheer program for the last 3 years and has helped shape the program in a monumental way.  She has become the heart of the team with her unwavering kindness and love for all the students that she encounters on this campus. She continues to show her dedication, hard work, and generosity within the cheer program. She processes great leadership skills and often gives up countless hours of her personal time to help her fellow teammates to work on cheers, choreography and improve their dance technique. Nati has definitely become a positive leader and role model for the other cheerleaders to emulate and look up to. Moreover, Nati maintains a positive attitude in and outside of practice. Her ability to sustain a rigorous academic schedule and her openness and willingness to improve her technical and performing dance skills has made her grow as a cheerleader, a student, and a role model at the El Dorado High School.  I am so proud of all that she has accomplished thus far and cannot wait to see how she grows during her senior year of HS.

Myranda Pease

4 months ago

Cheer Athlete of The Month For September 2018


Myranda Pease has been part of the cheer program for the last 3 years and has helped shape the program in a monumental way. For example, Myranda has become our authentic voice, literally, because she can project her loudness over any crowd size no matter how crazy that crowd may become during a game. She is the mastermind behind our “Cougar Call” that in which has become very popular with all the EDHS students at football games. Moreover, she has set the marker very high for all the other cheerleaders to try to match or even beat in terms of her loudness when calling cheers at games and events.

Myranda comes to our program with years of experience and training in the cheer and dance styles. She was that kid that dreamt of becoming a cheerleader during her elementary and high school years and never gave up on that dream until she finally made those teams that she always desired to be a part of. She excelled in both her youth cheer program and in the current EDHS cheer program. Her range of knowledge and talent has helped push our program to improve in all levels whether it’s in training, spirit, and or leadership. She has also helped bridge a positive relationship between our program and the youth programs within the community, due to her past experience and participation in them.

Myranda is a true ambassador for what it means to be an EDHS cheerleader. She has grown as a cheerleader, a student, and a role model at El Dorado High School. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished thus far and cannot wait to see how she grows during her senior year.

Cross Country Athlete of the Month For August 2018

Maddie Hutchings & Isaiah Hulsing All of our runners are challenged to reach 300 miles of running during the summer (June 1- August 1). Reaching this goal requires extreme levels of dedication, commitment and personal accountability. Both Maddie Hutchings and Isaiah Hulsing's efforts this summer reflect dedication to their "craft" and earns special recognition. We present to you, Maddie Hutchings and Isaiah Hulsing.

Cross Country Athlete of the Month For September 2018

Vance Harris- Senior, Winner of Boys’ Varsity Race at SVC #1. Although Vance is a Senior and has been on the Cougar T&F Team for 3 years (Pole Vaulter) this is his first year of XC. Vance came to us this season and said he had been running on his own, was liking the conditioning and wanted to "try" Cross Country. Well, after our "evaluation" run it was clear that Vance was not only in very good shape but he was the Top Runner on the Team. Running his FIRST ever Cross Country Race Vance charged to the front of the pack and stayed there winning the first League Meet by 6 secs! Vance is a dedicated, hard worker and tenacious competitor and will be a force to be reckoned with at the Section Level and maybe beyond that…

Chloe Gautschi- Freshman, Top Freshman in Varsity at SVC #1. We knew from the first practice and from running camp that Chloe was an athlete with all of the attributes necessary to be a Top Varsity Runner for one of the Top XC Teams in the Section. She consistent, talented, a great kid, a supportive teammate, and most of all an Extremely Tough Competitor.. Chloe has been super consistent in her training (100% attendance) and gives it her all at each and every workout. Her talent is emerging and who knows where it will end up but there is one thing for sure, every time Chloe "toe's the line" in practice or in a meet, she will be giving it her all! We are very fortunate to have such a superbly talented young woman as part of our program.

Ian Deal

5 months ago

Football Athlete of the Month For August 2018

Ian Deal has been a stalwart player as he has led our defense in sacks and has dominated his side of the field. He has also contributed as a blocker on run plays and as a receiver on pass plays. Ian is a part of the ROP program and is a leader in the weight room. Look for Ian to continue dominating the rest of this season.

Tyson Hamburg

4 months ago

Football Athlete of the Month For September 2018

Senior Tyson Hamburg is our Varsity Football player of the month. Tyson is a solid “A” student and a leader in our program, but it has been his play that has lifted this program to their first win of the season. To date Tyson has caught 22 balls for 356 yards and 4 touchdowns and rushed 12 times for 87 yards and a game winning touchdown. Tyson is also our top kick returner with 7 returns for 180 yards. He also starts on defense where he has contributed 10 tackles and an interception. I greatly appreciate the way Tyson gives his all at every game. He truly is a “Cougar”.

Natalie Williams

5 months ago

Girls Golf Athlete of The Month For August 2018

Natalie Williams; She is a senior and has golfed for four years at El Dorado.  Last year she was all-league.  She has a cumulative GPA of 3.4 while at El Dorado.  Her family has been very involved with the girl's golf program during her time on the team.

Katie Michaels

4 months ago

Girls Golf Athlete of The Month For September 2018

Girl's golf selects Katie Michaels.  Katie has been at El Dorado for 2 seasons , has accumulated a 3.7 GPA, is co - captain for this year, is a returning All - league player and has been a medalist numerous times over her 2 years here.  She is a model student and a total team player.

Karey Valencia

5 months ago

Girls Volleyball Athlete of The Month For August 2018

Karey Valencia: let start by saying she is the Captain of the El Dorado 2018-19 volleyball team. Karey is one of four pillars in Our Program her leadership skills one of a kind. I get to watcher grow as a leader, as person and a volleyball player. All of us are very proud to call her our Captain and friend. She brings a smile and intensity to the volleyball program. The younger players look to her for strength and leadership to help them down the path she made for them. By being a great role model to all players in the volleyball program. She is our Wonder Woman!!! You can away count on her being there to help at any task. Thank you, Karey for being a STRONG YOUNG LADY, STUDENT, LEADER, TEAMMATE, MIDDLE BLOCKER, Our Pillar of STRENGTH and BEST OF ALL OUR FRIEND!!! World look out her comes Karey Valaencia. I am very proud to stand next to her as her coach.

Ashley Ford

4 months ago

Girls Volleyball Athlete of The Month For September 2018

Ashley Ford is a great volleyball player for El Dorado. She strives for greatness on the volleyball court and in the class room. She is our Captain, Outside hitter, our leader, our friend and a even greater sister. She comes from a family that supports her and El Dorado sports. We nominated Ashley to represent our volleyball program because she stands for Strength, loyalty, respect and winning. She was a crucial part of the 2017 Section Championship and we rely on her this year to take us deep into play off with her overall great play. Hitting, Blocking and Defense. I am proud of the person she is becoming and even more proud to have her on my team. Keep up the good work Ashley. Congratulations to all these athletes that are here you all deserve this honor of Athlete of the month. Go cougars!!!

Hailey Kimber

5 months ago

Water Polo Athlete of The Month For August 2018

Hailey Kimber is a sophomore who through great effort and determination got moved up to the varsity team last year as a freshman in spite of having no prior club swimming experience. This is almost unheard of. She earned her way into a starting position on that varsity squad last year with her outstanding defensive skills. She is easily coach-able and has stepped up to plate this season and looks to be an outstanding goalie for our team. Her hard work ethic continues into the classroom earning her a 4.0 while taking advance classes. She has yet to miss a day of school or a practice and she is a great example to all of her teammates.

Water Polo Athlete of The Month For September 2018

Haley Kline- As a coach choosing my student-athletes, I look first at GPA and then at impact on the team. Haley Kline easily fits into both of these categories. She is the very definition of a student-athlete. She finished her last semester with a 4.0 GPA and is the leading scorer on the varsity girls water polo team this year and almost earned lead scorer last year as a freshman on the varsity team! She is dependable and coachable in the water. Her high academic GPA translates into a high sports IQ. She is a great leader on the team, kind to all, and fast to smile. She is a 3 sport athlete and works hard to be the best player in the water. She does not like to be outdone by anyone.


Caleb Robertson- When you are the coach's son, you have to work harder than everyone else and receive less kudos than anyone. That's just part of the price to pay and Caleb has not only met our expectations as a player but he has exceeded them. It wouldn't be right to not acknowledge Caleb as the student athlete and dominate player and leader that he is and has been in the Cougar water polo program. Caleb has been a 4 year varsity player, has been the captain of the varsity team for the past 2 years, earning all league the past 2 years, always leading not only his team in scoring but also leading the entire league. He is ranked 15th overall in his class, last semester was the first B in his academic career, he has a 3.95 GPA overall in his 4 years at Eldo. He demonstrates hard work in the water and is looked up to by all of his teammates. He has had some recruiting opportunities and we are excited to see his path post high school, although his presence will not be easily replaced on this team.
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