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NEW Girls Volleyball Flyer – Conditioning Requirements 20/21

EDHS Girls Volleyball

Hello girls’ volleyball parents and players!

This is Coach Kalani of EDHS Girls’ Volleyball letting you know that it starts on November 3rd and will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-7pm in November.

Prior information said 4-7pm but the time will start at 3:30 pm so that we can have a half hour of conditioning outside. From there we will move to the large gym where we will be playing volleyball for an hour.

Please understand there are protocols in place to keep us safe. We will be asking questions, checking temps, and requiring that your student athlete wear a mask at all times. So make sure that they have a mask that they feel comfortable playing in because they will have to wear one during practice. Masks will be provided if your student does not have one but it is preferred if they get one that is comfortable and suited to them. This year will be a lot but if we help each other we will get it done.

Pods will be required to limit the number of students that will be playing at one time due to Covid-19 protocols. It’s very important that you email me to let me know if you are coming to the workouts so we can put you in a pod before the 3rd! I will get back to you to let you know what pod you are in; Pods may change so please be understanding.

         We will have 16 players and 4 coaches in each pod due to only 20 people being allowed in the gym at a time. If there are more than 16 players, we will split pods up and you may only get one day of training a week. For example, Freshmen have expressed a lot of interest, so we will have two groups of 16 each. Which will put one group on Tuesday and another on Thursday. We will inform you which pod you are in before the 3rd or on the 3rd. So please show up on the assigned time that you will be playing in.

*Groups; Freshman- 1st year players; JV- Sophomores and Juniors; Varsity- Juniors and Seniors:

3:30-5pm Freshman Pod 1 Tuesday

3:30-5pm Freshman Pod 2 Thursday

4:30-6pm JV Pod both days unless we need to split up

5:30-7pm Varsity Pod both days unless we need to split up

Lastly, please don’t just drop your player off!!! You have to come in and sign forms. Go EDHS Girls’ Volleyball!!!

Any question contact Coach Kalani at (916)671-4626 or kalanibar@yahoo.com


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